Child Protection Law CLE Materials

Thursday 4/19

  1. Preservation of Error in CPS Cases
  2. How to Keep from Losing Your Appeal During Trial
  3. Top 10 Appellate Tips for Trial and Appellate Advocates
  4. Filing the Petition for Review
  5. How to Win on Appeal

Friday 4/20

  1. Preparing for the Child Welfare Specialization Exam
  2. Privatization: What We Know and What We Don’t Know
  3. Trauma Informed Advocacy: A Lawyer’s Ethical Duty
  4. Legislative Update
  5. The Child in Court: A New Mandate, An Ongoing Dilemma
  6. Dismissal Deadlines – Problems and Solutions
  7. Case Law Update
  8. Ethics of Representation in Child Welfare Cases
  9. Jury Charge Issues
  10. Jurisdiction and Venue
  11. Best Interest Proof
  12. Substituted Judgement